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Yo yo yo whats up mai homies. Yo guys wats up. I'm a Prankster Gangster, Toaster Head, and a Fanboat. I do not have a YT channel at the moment :( but I will get one soon! Google+ is pretty much the one social media I have XD, but I would like to get Instagram and possibly Twitter when I'm older :D. If you can't already tell, I use these little text faces alot, :P XD ;) :3 :( :) -_-. I am a lover of the internet and memes (I of course am aware how weird and gross the internet can be, but hey, that stuff is pretty much everywhere, no matter how hard you try ;) ) I DO play Pokemon Go, I am very bad at it though :P. I am currently level one and have next to nothing in terms of rare pokemon. I am still level 4 and am thinking about team Mystic. Other than that, I come on Google+ allot and thats actually pretty much it XD. K bye.
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