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  • Birthday01 January 1970
  • EducationThe Jubilee Academy - High School--Foreign Language & Religious History
  • AddressMurfreesboro, Tennessee No:
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Future World Translator & Star My life plan is quite simple!!!

1) Graduate High School May 2014
2) Graduate College (Hopefully it is Hankuk University in Seoul, South Korea)
3) Open My own Business (I was raised to make my own money first so that I don't have to depend on my future husbands money for household expenses. His money is to raise our future children)
4) Get Married
5) Have Children
6) Retire

I am multi-lingual of many languages Korean (know-second language), Chinese (learning), Japanese (learning), Thai (learning), Mayan (learning), Tagalog (learning), Cantonese (learning), Vietnamese (learning), Old Latin (know), Russian (learning), Greek (learning), Italian (learning), Spanish (Mexican-Know) and Hebrew (learning). I am learning my ancestral languages too: Cherokee (Native American), German, French and Yiddish. I plan to learn as many languages as I can. My goal is at least 20!!!

I love history of old languages, and history in general. I love dancing (my second passion in life).

I have done a little modeling, I am into weight training and living a healthy lifestyle, i don't eat candy (unless it is Reese Peanut Butter Cups only) or red meat (I hate Steak, not because of the taste and that it is a red meat but because I hate the texture and it getting stuck in my teeth). I mostly eat seafood!!! Eomma is from the Pacific Northwest and her family lived not far from Ocean Shores & Pacific Beach in Washington State. Many recipes have been passed down to her from her family and from her Godmother (who was the owner of one of the only two Chinese Restaurants in town). Like my eomma I am quite good at cooking and making nothing into something edible!!!

I have changed my family's diet along with mine from American food to Asian food (Korean mostly because that is what I like to cook). I have three personal trainers who have worked hard with me for the last 2 years and a very special doctor that I have seen since I was in the 2nd grade (7 years old) to keep me on a healthy track and I plan to keep it off forever!!!

Somewhere in the mystic future, on the road to Paradise,
There’s a very pleasant country that I’ve dreamed of once or twice,
It has inland towns, and cities by the ocean’s rocky shelves,
But the people of the country differ somewhat from ourselves;
It is many leagues beyond us, and they call it Otherside.
And there is among its people more Humanity than Pride.

Now, a social system never was complete, without a flaw,
And among the Othersiders there is love and gold and war.
But if one is fairly beaten he can turn upon the track,
For in such a case there isn’t any shame in going back;
And a broken-hearted mortal never thinks of suicide,
For he finds amongst his brothers more Humanity than Pride.

And the lords of that creation never scoff at simple things,
Never scorn the lad who’s tethered to his mother’s apron-strings.
He will speak of “home” and “mother” without shame when he’s inclined,
Yet the blow he strikes in battle mostly leaves a mark behind.
They are brave against invasion; they can die in Otherside,
Though there is among the people more Humanity than Pride.

Poets sing in simple language that a child might understand,
Yet their songs are sung for ages by the elders of the land;
And the people know that Freedom never shall be wanting guards,
For the foremost in the vanguard waves the banner of the Bards.
O the poets march together, and at home in peace abide,
For there is amongst the people more Humanity than Pride.

And when I am very weary, ’neath a load of “worldly care”,
There are times when I’ve a longing just to hump my bluey there;
But alone I could not reach it, for the track is barred to one—
I must take the nations with me—all mankind must go, or none—
And we’d trample one another on the way to Otherside,
For I find among my brothers less Humanity than Pride.

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Maeyi Hana Bell (H7zAngel)'s Motto

The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend. ..

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