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Programming is like sex: one mistake and you’re providing support for a lifetime...

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Chief Randomizer @ Hyper-Abstract Titus Hora: my “Hyper-Abstract” work

The “back story”:
In 2000, during the previous recession, the private college I was teaching at went bankrupt, and very unexpectedly I found myself out of work. The job market was terrible, as everybody was cutting back, and it was impossible for me to find employment. I didn't know it at the time that I was to be out of work for the next 18 months.
With lots of time on my hands, I've decided to “upgrade” my skills and learn computer programming. Previously I though that I could never learn how to program, because I believed I had no aptitude for anything that technical. It looked like a very daunting task, and as funny as this might sound, I was “scared” of it.
It turned out to be fun, and, to my surprise, I didn't find it as difficult as I thought it would be. I didn't become a programmer, but I can hack my way through what I need/want to do with graphics programming. Within a few months I wrote my own little piece of software with which I started generating images. It was incredibly clumsy, but it worked. Since then I've rewritten it a few times, and now it is quite efficient.

With my software I generate random procedural textures (“procedural” means they are "coded", not taken from photographs, or made with Photoshop brushes - they have the advantage that they can be practically any size, without ever "pixelating").  The textures I make are huge indeed.
Once the texture is generated, I program the camera to randomly move across it, taking different shots, zooming in and out, panning, rotating, etc. The path of the camera is recorded, so that I can come back to a certain place if I want to.
I let the computer render a few hundred images for each texture, before I start looking at them, to see if I can find something "interesting". This process takes a few weeks.
When I find an image I like, I go back to it, on the "timeline", and I adjust parameters, to make it as good as it can possibly be. Then I save the script that generated it, for later, when I'm ready to do the full scale, "ready to print" render.
I am interested in generating very complex and dramatic images, similar to the drama and complexities found in nature.
As an artist, I believe that the "message" of an abstract work of art is hidden within the viewer, not within the work. This is why I am exploring “hyper-abstract” visual spaces, where the ruminations of the (viewer’s) conscious mind are forced to come to a stop, being confronted by something entirely non-narrative, with nothing to hang (the mind) onto.
This state of “suspension” forces the spectator to explore the image, to focus on the alien visuals, while his/her mind brings from the subconscious to the foreground possible “meanings” and “explanations”.
I make a deliberate effort not to direct the viewer by offering any hints or explanations regarding these images, happy to create opportunities for meditation and self-exploration.

Labor is wealth, in the sea the pearl groweth;
Rich the queen s robe from the frail cocoon floweth;
From the fine acorn the strong forest bloweth;
Temple and statue the marble block hides.

Work for some good, be it ever so slowly;
Cherish some flower, be it ever so lowly;
Labor! all labor is noble and holy;
Let thy great deed be thy prayer to thy God.

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You can do it if you believe you can! ..

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